INVISIDECK® Hidden Fastener System


Benefits & Features:

Hidden fastening systems are popular in today’s decks. With the InvisiDeck® Hidden SCRAIL® System you achieve a picture-perfect deck without visible fasteners in no time!

Bulk screws are driven in manually from the top of the deck. InvisiDeck® SCRAIL® fasteners are installed with the air-driven InvisiDeck® tool in the groove on side of the deck board. In addition InvisiDeck® is up to 5 times faster than conventional systems and leaves a smooth surface.



  1. Connect the I-CLP clip with grooved edge of deck board.
  2. Fix the clip with SCRAIL® fasteners on support joist.
  3. Slide next deck board onto clip and repeat (Step 1 and step 2 are done at once with the air-driven InvisiDeck® installation tool).

Fast & Easy


InvisiDeck® Nailer

The air-driven tool has a patented nose that allows you to insert I-CLP clips into the groove and secure with SCRAIL® fastener in one step.


InvisiDeck® I-CLP Clip

Heavy gauge, coated stainless steel clip for blind fastening of grooved boards that are 1 inch or thicker.


InvisiDeck® SCRAIL®

The collated SCRAIL® fasteners are specifically designed for use with the InvisiDeck® installation tool. 1 ½ “ x 0.113" , fine thread, Phillips head, FasCoat®, black 33°plastic strip. Compatible with pressure-treated wood.

Installation Made Fast & Easy

InvisiDeck® SCRAIL® makes installing deck boards fast & easy.

Where to buy?

INVISIDECK® Hidden Fastener System is available at major retail hardware & building supply stores or directly from our Online Store